We have rental space available for a Corporate Retreat, Church Service, and Reception. We offer long-term leases or daily rentals. Please Select from the list below.

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Seats 781, includes stage & backstage, all sound and lighting packages.

Orchestra Level
$1,200 – Seats 480, includes stage & backstage, all sound and lighting packages.

$200 – Seats 301, does not include stage, lighting, or sound system.

Dressing Room A
$125 – capacity 50

Dressing Room B
$75 – capacity 20

Rehearsal Days
$60/hour in Theatre. $20/hour in Dressing Room A. $10/hour in Dressing Room B.

Security Deposit
$500 to $1,000

Utility Surcharge:
At the discretion of the lessor, the lessee may incur a utility surcharge not to exceed $200.00 per day if the outside temperature exceeds 85 degrees.


  • Yamaha 88 key 7ft grand piano-$100/day (1 in Theatre and Conservatory)
  • Yamaha 88 key upright piano-$50/day

The Eichelberger will schedule the piano to be tuned the day before a performance at the request of the renter. The Renter will be responsible for paying The Eichelberger $90 for this service. It is also the responsibility of the Renter to request the piano be tuned for their performance AT LEAST ONE MONTH in advance to give Eichelberger staff time to book the piano tuner.

The renter will have use of the in house lighting system. The Eichelberger will maintain a general plot that is hung, patched, focused, and colored for the Renter. Minor focus adjustments and color changes may be made to this plot for no additional charge.
The renter may request specific changes be made to the light plot. The renter will then be charged $20/instrument moved.

Spotlights-Renter will be charged $15/hour for a single spotlight or $30/hour for both spotlights. Renter is responsible for providing operators. The venue TD will train your operators.

Renter will have use of the in house sound system as is described in the Technical Rider.
Renter will receive the following within the rental package:

  • 1 microphone
  • 1 stand
  • 1 cable
  • 1 input
  • 1 onstage monitor mix with two wedge monitors

The Eichelberger maintains 2 CD players, an FX processor, and all EQ necessary for the house and monitor system. Renter is NOT permitted to change the house processing in any way.

Any additional microphones are available to the renter at a cost of $15/microphone.
Additional monitor mixes are available at $20/mix.

The Renter will fill all crew positions necessary for the Renter’s production.
The Eichelberger Technical Director will have absolute final authority in determining the number of people necessary to crew the technical portion of any production.

Additional Items Available:

  • Ivory Scrim-$50/performance
  • Cyclorama-$50/performance
  • Speakers Podium-$15/day
  • Portable Bar-$25/day
  • 4X8 risers or 8″, 16″, and 24″ height-$45/riser.
  • 5′ round tables (9 total), 6′ rectangle tables (8 total), $5/table/day.
  • 90 red padded chairs-$1/chair/day.
  • 55 black Wenger music stands-$1/stand/day.

Additional Charges:
$50 hange charge per drop (Renter provides)

In all cases, Renter assumes full legal and financial responsibility for losses, breakage, or damage to Eichelberger Center equipment that is not moved, set up, torn down, or operated by Eichelberger Personnel.

The Eichelberger Center retains the right to refuse entry to any sets, props, sound, lighting, and costumes brought into the venue by the renter.

Certificate of Liability Insurance:
Any individual, company, or organization wishing to rent the Eichelberger Performing Arts Center facility must present a Certificate of Liability Insurance. This is required to protect the Renter and The Eichelberger Performing Arts Center from liability resulting from your event, and is in addition to the insurance carried by your caterer and The Eichelberger Performing Arts Center.

Contact your insurance agent to request a copy of “Certificate of Liability Insurance”. For multiple events throughout the year a blanket certificate may be requested.
The amound of liability must be for no less than $1,000,000 Bodily Injury and Property Damage (BI/PD).

The certificate must add The Eichelberger Performing Arts Center as an “Additional Insured” for the specific date of the event (Rider).

Fax the certificate at least 30 days prior to the event to 717-637-4504 or mail to: Eichelberger Performing Arts Center, 195 Stock St. Suite 203, Hanover, PA 17331

If necessary, a one-time “Special Event” policy may be purchased from certain insurance agents.